It's finally here...

The Central Park

Plan Initiative– 

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WE DID IT! With the signatures of 8,610 Livermore voters, we qualified the Central Park Plan for the ballot. In November of 2020, Livermore voters will finally get their say to decide the future of our beautiful city. 



AFTER YEARS OF DEBATE about the revitalization of downtown Livermore, it’s finally time to let voters decide. That’s why the Citizens for a Livermore Central Park have submitted a citizens’ initiative to let residents, not just the government, decide the future of our beautiful city. 


The citizens’ plan showcases a beautiful, activated Central Park, which will join with the lawn and other features in Stockmen’s Park, to provide 3 acres of parkland stretching from the Bankhead Park Plaza to L Street. The City’s plan only includes “a park (Stockmen’s Park),”(1) 1.5 acres (2), half of what the citizens’ plan offers. 


We need convenient parking near Livermore Avenue.  The City’s plan will result in 201 fewer available parking spaces (3) than we have now in the Livermore Avenue area, while the Central Park Plan delivers 316 more spaces than the city plan provides! 


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a beautiful Livermore downtown for generations to come. The Central Park plan includes new cultural, restaurant, retail, educational, art and entertainment amenities. 


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